Friday, December 28, 2012

One For The Money

One for The Money by Janet Evanovich is a GREAT book, if you like action and comedy. This book is easy to get absorbed into and hard to put down. Imagine this, A woman who is out of a job, a car and money, who is able to take her frustrations out on law breaking citizens............if she can catch them. How can that NOT be a great book?  This book has me laughing out loud as Stephanie fumbles her way through her new job and finds interesting, inventive and accidental ways to catch the bad guys.

Sexy man with a gun...... Joe Morelli is sexy, funny and charming. We learn in this book that he is a blast from her past and it is fun to watch their relationship grow.

Ranger........ All I can say to that man is YUMMY! He has me excited every time I see his name on the page.

Who doesn't love an old lady with a gun? Grandma Mazur is a hilarious character who makes sure you remember her. I was on the edge of my seat unsure of what her next move was going to be.

The fact that Stephanie has a hamster (Rex) is hilarious to me. I do not know why, but it just makes me giggle. Not a cat, a dog or a fish, but a hamster! Just funny!

I have enjoyed getting to know Stephanie in this book and can not wait to read the second one in this series.


  1. I love this series. Ranger is way yummy! Great review!


  2. I think yummy may be an understatement! ;) Thanks!