Friday, April 3, 2015

TAG by Shari J. Ryan

 TAG  by Shari J. Ryan

What if your family had a big secret . . . a life changing secret. My dad, the bigwig CIA agent, was always on the run, whether he was being chased or doing the chasing. I missed him. Then my mom passed away, and my sister was murdered. I turned my solitude to strength because the alternative was too bleak.

But my luck seemed to turn: I met Tango. And while I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my twenty-two years, danger lurks around every corner and I simply can’t take the chance of it finding me. But his tattoos, his smell, his darkness, and his body— that marine has taken over my every thought. But, what if he too isn’t what I think? A ticking time bomb isn’t going to leave me much time to waver. Even the bravest person can be in need of a miracle.

Before she was gone, my mom warned me to know everyone and trust no one. But what was I supposed to do when I found out I am the one not to be trusted? Turns out, I was always the bait in this conspiracy.

This book was very fun to read. There were shocking secrets, twists and turns and some very hot moments. I was addicted to this book and had a very hard time putting it down. Every time I picked up this book there was a twist that blew me away. I loved that I did not see these things coming. The writing was great, the story line was fun. All in all, this was a great read!

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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  1. You are lucky to get that book for free. Specially when it really seems like an interesting book to read. I love mysterious books so I should read this one. Thanks for sharing it! :)