Monday, May 11, 2015

Force of Attraction by D. D. Ayres

Force of Attraction by D. D. Ayres

A seasoned K-9 officer with the police in Maryland, Cole Jamison has left her old life behind her. With a new home and a new partner--a protective canine named Hugo--Cole is ready for fresh challenges. A crucial position on an important drug task force is exactly what she wants…until she discovers her gorgeous, infuriating ex-husband will be the DEA agent in charge.

Agent Scott Lucca may be a pro when it comes to undercover assignments, but this job is daunting even for him. Posing as a happy couple on the dog competition circuit means he and Cole need to get a lot closer than they've been in years. Playing a live-in couple should seem like a walk in the park compared to tracking a brutal criminal, but suddenly nothing could be more dangerous than the passionate fire they've rekindled

This book was slightly different from the normal romance. There was the typical lost lover come back and the old fights and make up but here there was a little more excitement. Being thrown into this undercover assignment as a couple was great and I enjoyed it alot.

As far as the mystery portion, I was able to figure out "who did it" really early in the book. That is my only complaint. I felt like it was really obvious and I was hopeful that there would be a twist. There was not.

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review.***

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