Monday, May 18, 2015

I Choose You by Charles A. Bush

I Choose You by Charles A. Bush

 Emily Robertson is fully content with her life. She was valedictorian of her Yale undergrad class, is ranked top of her Yale Medical School class, and unlike her promiscuous roommate, she would rather spend her free nights reading Jane Austen than out partying. Undeniably, the lifelong promise that she made to her dying mother to become a doctor, is firmly in her grasp and she is focused not to let anything or anyone deter her from fulfilling it. That is, until the last day of her second year of medical school, when her friends surprise her with a summer vacation to England. While in England, she breaks one of her many sacred rules and falls for, Jude, a professional footballer with an appetite for wild parties and beautiful women. Over the course of their improbable summer romance, Jude introduces Emily to a new world of excitement and spontaneity, leaving her to question the secluded life she had always known, while Emily shows Jude the depths of the human heart and all the joy it can bring. However, once the summer ends, their love is tested by distance, social class, and the sacrifices needed to make enduring love blossom. And when fate intervenes by sending their lives spiraling on separate paths, will a memorable summer romance years ago be enough to bring them back together? 

Looking for a sweet romance to read? Tired of all the "romance books" that are full of  "sex scenes" and no real story? This book is perfect for you. Seeing Emily and Jude fall in love is very sweet. Watching them figure out how to sacrifice and make a long distance relationship work is very refreshing. There were several phrases that were used that I did not understand and that slowed me down a bit, but other than that, I really enjoyed this book. The surprise ending is unheard of and really threw me for a loop but I will not spoil anything here. I hope you all enjoy this book as well!!!

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