Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

If you were like me, you hated Valentine's Day. This is the day that all married, engaged and dating people run around talking about how perfect their life is and how amazing their significant other is. Their fairly tale life is perfect for this one day. What they never seem to realize is that this one day makes those of us who are single feel worthless.

Years ago I decided to change the way I think and now Valentine's Day revolves around the relationship between my son and myself. We have a special dinner (at home cuz all the love birds flock to the restaurants to show off their perfect love for each other (gag me), I usually buy him a new toy or two and some candy and we snuggle, That is what makes my Valentine's Day better than everyone elses.

But alas, I do read romance books so I wanted to bring this post back to that. I would love to know which romance books you have read lately. Is there one that blew you away, one that made you laugh, cry or think of the past?

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