Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Notorious Nineteen

Janet Evanovich is back once again with Notorious Nineteen.

This book was not her best work but I still loved every minute of it. I laughed hard at all of the Tiki scenes and enjoyed all of the regular characters plus there were even a few returning characters.

Ranger and Morelli both played big parts in this book and I am still torn between the two.

I personally think this series is best read in order. You can easily pick up any one of the books and not be too lost because she does give you the basic information but to really get the characters and all their quirks, it is best to start with One For The Money and go through them in order.

So now that I have caught up on this series, does anyone want to share their thoughts on it? Which book was your favorite? Least favorite? Would you read another one?


  1. I read the first few and then got a bit burnt out on them. Your reviews make me want to pick them up again though! I remember how much fun they were.


  2. Thanks! If you ever do go back and read them, please let me know what you think! I would be interested to know what you thought of them all!!!!