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Dixie Wants An Allergy by Tori Corn

Dixie Wants An Allergy by Tori Corn, Illustrated by Nancy Cote
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It’s Dixie’s first day of school, and some of her classmates are sharing details about their various allergies. Bridget tells of her wheat allergy and how she gets to order a special meal from restaurants. Dixie thinks that must be a really special meal! And Charlie had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance once due to his dairy allergy. Dixie thinks that must have been thrilling! Even Hannah gets to wear a fashionable bracelet due to her peanut allergy. Dixie races home and begins to eagerly search for the slightest sign of an allergy. After many failed attempts, Dixie discovers that she is allergic to something after all. But is getting what you wish for actually as exciting as it once appeared?
Dixie Wants an Allergy provides a comical and engaging approach for children who are beginning to learn about and who are coping with allergies—and who also have trouble finding what makes them unique. Corn’s playful text and Cote’s inviting illustrations encourage children to accept those with differences while learning that wanting what others have is not always a good idea.
My son and I loved this book. He suffers allergies from pollen and he struggles through it every day so to read about other kids with allergies was great! He knows that he is not alone and I think this was a very fun way to talk about allergies. Alot of kids feel left out because they think that the bracelet or special food is fun, but the reality of it we all know is not fun. 
The pictures were colorful and fun, the cover is catchy and the story was great and educational! You can't go wrong! Perfect book for teachers to read to the class!!!
Review from my six year old son, Max- "This book was so cool. I like all the different kinds of allergies and the end was really funny!"
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***this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***


  1. Ahhh! Love that your little one loved this. Thank you so much for including his feedback! :)