Monday, May 19, 2014

Singled Out by Nikki Derouin

Singled Out by Nikki Derouin

Are you struggling to find your purpose in life? Are you in a relationship that you feel is pulling you away from God? Are there no “options” in sight, and you are starting to fear that God may have forgotten about your heart and your dreams? Singled Out was written with the sincere desire of encouraging you in your walk with the Lord, motivating you to search your heart, and challenging you to wholeheartedly commit your life to Him! Remember, regardless of our relationship status, we must be single-hearted in our service to Christ — our Savior and our First Love.

As a single woman, I have gone through many ups and downs. On one hand, I am independent and do not need or want a man and on the other hand, I am very lonely and crave male attention. There are days when I just want a man to hug me. So when I saw this book up for review, I had to read it and see if it helped.

This book was written in such a way that I felt like Nikki was sitting in the room chatting with me. It was easy to read and understand. I found some useful tips and felt better overall after reading this book.

 There were discussion questions at the end of each chapter which was nice. The part I did not like was that they were all referring the the Bible. What I mean is that, you had to have your Bible open at the same time which some people may like. For me, I was not able to find the time (as a single mom) to research like that and would have preferred to have the notes in the same book.

***This book was given to me in exchange for an open and honest review***

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