Thursday, April 4, 2013

Missing Barbados

Missing Barbados by Willem Pain

Susan and Dutch are off to solve a mystery in Barbados."Based on an actual event from Barbados history, our woman sleuth and hard-boiled detective take us through the past and present of Barbados where nothing is as it seems. While trying to find the missing girl, Dutch and Susan are hired to find a golden sword, a real relic of history, the actual historical record transcribed in the preface of this book. Entwined within the history of the golden sword and its place in royalty, together they must overcome villains and their own feelings toward each other to right a centuries old wrong and solve the crime."

This book is not for me. I am not saying it is not a good book but it is not my cup of tea per se. I enjoy books that are a mystery but are also funny and there just was not much humor in this book. I did enjoy the things that Dutch destroyed and his character was pretty good but just not as funny as I wish he had been. I found it hard to read and stayed focused. 

***This book was given to me in exchange for an open and honest review.***

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