Friday, April 5, 2013

Where Do Animals Go When It Rains?

Where Do Animals Go When It Rains? by Janet S. Crown.

This is a super cute book about animals settling down when it rains. There are sing-song type rhymes and I found it fun to read. It was a short book but worth read. The pictures are adorable and I really liked the colors in the words also, it made it even more fun. My 5 year old son was able to read it without a problem!

This would be a great calming bedtime story. The pictures are sweet and the story is nice. I would buy this for my son's collection if he were younger.

Review from my 5 year old son-"I thought this book was funny but I think it is for younger kids. I liked it but babies would like it more."

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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