Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bobbs and the Little Boy by Diane Page

Bobbs and the Little Boy by Diane Page

The little boy went on a trip with his family and found a stuffed creature at a souvenir shop that looked lonely. The little boy named him Bobbs and took him home. As time passed, Bobbs started talking to the little boy at night and they became the best of friends. The little boy answered all of Bobbs' questions about fears that other children had, including a fear of clowns and dogs.

My son  has a stuffed dog that he has had since the day he was born. Over the years, his name has changed from Puppy to Ruff Ruff. This little dog is so worn but he is a member of this family. We all talk to him like he is alive. We give the stuffed dog hugs and kisses at bedtime and we take him on family vacations with us. As I read this book to my son, it was very touching. At one point in the book, Bobbs talked to the little boy and my son said, "That's just like Ruff Ruff!" He really seemed to enjoy this book.

The last page says "For Mothers of little boys everywhere" and this page made me cry. I can imagine my son getting married one day and  I can see Ruff Ruff still being in his life. He won't be as big in his life as he is now, but he will be on a shelf watching over Max, that I am sure about.

I thought the pictures were great, the cover is simple but fun. The story line was great. This book touched on several different fears that kids may have and left room for you as a parent or teacher to expand on them. I really appreciated that.

Review from my six year old son, Max- "This book was great! The little cat was cute and reminds me of my stuffed animal, Ruff Ruff!"

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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