Friday, January 25, 2013

Bedtime Bible and Devotional

As I was tucking my son in tonight and reading him his stories, I decided to share his Bible with you all. This is a GREAT Bible for my five year old son and I am so glad I found it. There are more that 200 Bible stories and 50 devotionals in this book. Bible Stories retold by Gwen Ellis and Illustrated by Steve Smallman And Jeffrey Ebbler.

Here is what I like, the stories are broken up. What does that mean? For example The Story of Isaac is told over several pages with a title on each page almost like a chapter book. So I can read one little piece on the nights we simply do not have time(two pages side by side) or I can read the whole story (several pages) at one time. I am not having to stop in the middle of a page like I used to! I LOVE that. Plus with it being so short (and to the point, I might add), he is able to read it without getting overwhelmed.

My 5 year olds review-"I love my Bible and it talks about God and Jesus and I like the really cool pictures!"

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