Wednesday, January 9, 2013

High Five

Stephanie's Uncle is MISSING!!!!!

You KNOW this is going to be a great book! Janet Evanovich is back with Stephanie Plum in High Five.

One thing that is really funny to me is that Stephanie very rarely carries her gun. Ranger taught her how to use it (every girl's dream) but she is not comfortable with it, so she stores it, of all places, in her cookie jar. Of course Ranger hates that so it is funny to see how that plays out.

Babe- this word has sooo many meanings, all of which make me swoon!

This book really helps us understand Ranger alot better. He opens up more and gets closer to Stephanie. Of course Morelli and Ranger have a tense relationship (why wouldn't they?) which just adds more to this book and to their characters.

Now that we have seen alot of both of these men..... who is your favorite? Are you rooting for Morelli or Ranger? Which one would YOU want? Me? I am torn. I change my mind every day!

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