Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot Six

Ranger is wanted for Murder and Stephanie is the one that has to bring him in!!! Hot Six by Janet Evanovich is just as hot as you would expect it to be!!!

I laughed so hard as I read this book. Stephanie taking down Ranger....... there is NO way for this NOT to be funny! Stephanie and Morelli are dating. Morelli is looking for Ranger...... Joyce is back and surprise, surprise, SHE is looking for Ranger. Add Grandma Mazur to the mix as she moves in with Stephanie and you can not help but laugh as this story unfolds.

Cupcake.......yet another word that has many meanings!!

This book is incredible. My favorite part of this series is that I can REALLY get into it. I can curl up with these books and forget that the world exists. I can be fully swept away from reality and get lost in the funny world of Stephanie Plum!

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