Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Three To Get Deadly

Janet Evanovich is back with this hilarious twisting, entertaining book! Warning, Three To Get Deadly is almost impossible to put down!!! Once I started this book, I HAD to finish it that day!

 In this book, Morelli is backing off and leaving Stephanie wanting more *GASP* who DOES that???? Which of course makes her jealous.

Grandma Mazur is not highlighted as much in this book like she was in the second one, though she is still around.

 Lula comes more into play and we learn alot about her character. She and Stephanie get along great and make an amazing pair! This duo is laugh out loud funny!

Ranger and all his hotness is still trying to protect Stephanie and although he does not eat junk food (WHAT????) he is still an amazing character!

I am really enjoying this series so far and watching the characters grow and develop. Janet Evanovich is a GREAT writer. It is very easy to follow her stories and get completely absorbed in them!

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