Monday, January 7, 2013

Four To Score

Janet Evanovich has become one of my favorite authors with this Plum series. Four to Score is even funnier than the last three and I see that this is a long series, so imagine my excitement to get to read all the rest of these!

In this book Stephanie's enemy (Joyce) steps in (another blast from the past) and becomes a pest, Janet Evanovich does a GREAT job making us understand this character. I feel like I know Joyce very well.

Stephanie is getting funnier with every book. The things she carries in her purse are beyond hilarious and the items that she uses to help restrain or disarm fugitives are inventive. As she roots around in her purse, I find myself giggling in anticipation to see what it will be THIS time! She never disappoints!

Morelli is back in all his glory. (Do any of you, find yourself wishing you were Stephanie?) Yum....

Ranger- the man of few words is getting closer to Stephanie (again, do any of you find yourself wishing you were Stephanie?) I think it is getting a little warm in here!!!!!

Sally Sweet enters this book. He is a transvestite musician who is full of funny lines and plays a pretty big part in this book.

This book is great, well written, fast and FULL of comedy! The perfect addition to any collection!

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