Monday, September 9, 2013

Serenity to Accept by Elizabeth Maddrey

Serenity to Accept by Elizabeth Maddrey

Description from the publisher:

"Karin Reid has never had much use for God. There's been too much pain in her life for her to accept that God is anything other than, at best, disinterested or, at worst, sadistic. Until she meets Jason Garcia.

After his own mistakes of the past, Jason is committed to dating only Christians. He decides to bend his rule for Karin, as long as she comes to church with him.

As their friendship grows, both will have to decide if they'll accept the path God has for them, even if it means losing each other."

This book is Book Three of the 'Grant Us Grace' Series. When Chalfont House approached me and asked me to review this book I was beyond thrilled. After reading Courage to Change, I could not WAIT to get into this book! I was NOT disappointed at all!

This book had my attention early on and kept it all the way through.  I could not stop thinking about this book all day! I read instead of worked, I took myself to lunch alone so I could read and well.....I found many excuses to sit and read today! Hahahaha! 

I do not usually use quotes from a book but this one I just have to share.... "But the one thing my parents have always said is that we will never know how God is going to use the things that happen, so until we see the whole picture, we can't judge his plan." Wow.  That line hit me hard  because I have been going through a LOT of stuff and have felt like God has run away from me. Reading this book really made me think differently.  Now I look at my life with new eyes. I see that I AM heading somewhere on purpose so Thank you Elizabeth Maddrey! You really showed me alot in this book!

I loved the characters, they were very real, their struggles were real and their feelings were real.  There were several times that I thought I knew what was coming and a curve ball was thrown at me. I REALLY appreciated that! I love being caught off guard when I am reading a book! 

I recommend this book to any Christian who is or has struggled with their Faith and life or any person who is confused and looking for God. I can not wait for the next book! I do believe that Elizabeth Maddrey has become my new favorite author! 

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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