Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sisterchicks On The Loose by Robin Jones Gunn

Sisterchicks On The Loose by Robin Jones Gunn

Wouldn't you LOVE to take a trip with your best friend to another country? In this book two friends (Sharon and Penny) go on an adventure filled trip to Finland. As they travel, they learn more about God and his love for them and they realize how short and precious life really is. They start to loosen up and have some fun! For a full description of this book, click HERE.

This is the second book of the Sisterchicks series that I have been able to read (This is #1, I am  reading them out of order! LOL). I thought it was great! I love the facts about the areas that they visited and all the details of these places. I personally have never left the Eastern United States so it is really neat to read about other places.

I found it very touching that Penny wanted to meet her long lost family. The fact that Sharon went with her, made it more realistic to me. I personally got to meet some of my family years back and will forever be grateful to my friend for accompanying me. She made the trip easier and a lot more fun! So I fully understood Penny and Sharon in this adventure.

This book of course has a Christian base. I personally thought this book had quite a bit of "God talk" but it was not over the top.  God was THERE but not thrown in my face, if that makes sense, so I really enjoyed it.

I found the writing style to be enjoyable. I felt like I was on this trip with them. The cover was interesting, but not very eye catching in my opinion. I enjoyed the pictures in the back and the part about the author's actual visit with her friend. I thought that was a nice touch!

I think that any Christian would enjoy this book and the messages that are embedded throughout. I would love to know your thoughts about it.

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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