Friday, January 31, 2014

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

This is number 20 in the Stephanie Plum series.  If you would like to read the full description, click HERE.

I am, as most of you already know, a huge Janet Evanovich fan. I have read every one of her books and have bought almost all of them to have on my shelf (darn those last few that are harder to find!) I am in love with this series and I personally never want it to end. I know some people complain that the series is too long and blah blah blah but I love it and hope it continues.

I think Janet did a great job once again with this book. The giraffe brings humor from beginning to end and I found myself laughing at every sighting, ESPECIALLY when Ranger saw it. I could not wait to find out the scoop about the giraffe. I thought that was a great addition to the book. Yes Stephanie got into the same kinds of trouble as usual but that is to be expected. Morelli is not in this book as much but it fit well. I think Ranger is getting better (how is THAT even possible?) I felt like he was slightly funnier and more human this time and I enjoyed that alot.

The only criticism that I have is that the "big event" at the end was not very big. With the messes that Stephanie gets herself in, I would like to see more of a scare there. More drama and fear that she will not escape. Her heroes are helping her too fast in my opinion.  Let Morelli and Ranger panic a little more!

As with her other books, this one was excellent. I will buy it and add it to my book shelf as soon as I have extra money and I am already anxious for the next one to come out! Is it  time for 21 yet??????

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