Monday, February 3, 2014

Honeymoon For One by Chris Keniston

Honeymoon For One by Chris Keniston

This story is about two people that meet on a cruise and have a fun fling. Once the cruise is over, they go their separate ways without any contact info and no thoughts of seeing each other ever again but of COURSE things never go as planned and they DO run into each other. If you would like to read the full description, click HERE.

This was a pretty short book but it was amazing! I loved  it all the way through. This was a sweet and mushy romance book and it was perfect for my mood today! Hahahaha. I loved the characters and how they got along, both on the ship and off the ship. I thought the way they met was fun and the way they came back together in "real life" was hilarious. Watching them struggle through their emotions and daily life was entertaining and seemed realistic to me.

I thought the length was perfect for the story line, the cover is cute and catchy and the title makes you want to see what the book is all about. All in all, I thought it was an excellent book and perfect for these cold nights!!!!


  1. "Fun fling time is over!" Just sayin'. :-)

    1. Fun Fling Time is over! You may NOT steal my new phrase! LOL