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Goodnight Angels by By Melody Carlson, illustrated by Sophie Allsop

Goodnight Angels by By Melody Carlson, illustrated by Sophie Allsop

Description from the publisher

Now available in the popular board book format, Goodnight Angels is a beautifully written bedtime book for young children that presents a new spin on the bestselling, Goodnight Moon complete with the message of prayer and thankfulness. This charming bedtime story in the vein of Goodnight Moon will lull little ones to sleep with its soothing rhymes and gentle rhythms. Children will love the board book format, and parents and grandparents will love the quiet message of peace and gratitude for God’s tender, loving care.
This book is......interesting. They call it a spin on Goodnight Moon so of course, the entire time I was reading it, I was comparing the two and this book did not add up. The rhymes were not as good, the pictures were ok but Goodnight Moon was phenomenal to me so this one was just ok. That being said, I liked the concept. I liked that this book brought prayers and angels in, but I would have liked to see more of that as well.  I would have a totally different review if they had not called it a spin on Goodnight Moon. As a stand alone book, it is cute and fun but as a spin from Goodnight Moon, it is not as good.
I would  like to explain some of this so you can understand what I liked and did not like. Each page has two lines that rhyme. The problem for me is that they do not read easily, it is as if there are too many words so it does not flow as well as I would like it to and I see this on several pages. 
My favorite part of Goodnight Moon is that the colors change from page to page as the sun sets. This book does not do that, it is colorful from beginning to end. To me, that is sad and disappointing but you may like it this way.  It is all about personal preference. 
For some positive notes, We loved the dog that you can find throughout the pages, the little boy is adorable and this is a good bedtime story.  As a board book, it can withstand some toddler wear and tear and we all know how important that is!!
Please do not let me discourage you, I would love for you to read this book and let me know what you think of it!
Review from my six year old son, Max- "This book is really cool. I liked all the pictures and the whole book was fun!"
***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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