Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

A bulletin board falls on Stanley one night and flattens him! Gasp! This little boy is now flat as a pancake but no worries, he can still walk, talk and think. He quickly discovers that being flat has some advantages but of course there are also disadvantages. Follow Stanley on his flat life adventures.....

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This book has been on my son's shelf because I know alot of kids that like this series but  we never got around  to reading it. This week we decided to read it and I am glad we did. The concept of a child being flattened is very strange and creepy but it was fun. Thinking about things that we could do if we were  flat was fun and my son seemed to enjoy it. We will have to find the rest of the series now so we can see what else Flat Stanley does!

Review from my six year old son, Max-"This book was pretty cool because in real life a bulletin board that falls on someone can not make them flat. My favorite part was when Stanley caught the bad people! I would definitely read this book again!"

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