Saturday, July 6, 2013

24 Hour Read-A-Thon

It’s good to be Bad….boys that is!! Tell us which bad boys make your heart go pitter patter in all the wrong right ways!

I Really hate to use another character from Janet Evanovich's books but I am afraid I am going to have to. He is so great that he only needs one name......Ranger. OMG! He is mysterious, sexy, sensitive but gruff......All he has to say is ONE word-"Babe" and I am all giddy. Stephanie explained being WITH him and Oh....My.....Gosh...... I REALLY wish I could be Stephanie. LOL. Yum! So....Now that I got myself all excited, I have to go read. LOL.

24 Hour Read-A-Thon updates
I will be coming here all day with our updates so please check back later!

Libby's update:
I have finished Barefoot Summer (which means I met my RAT goal! YAY!!!)
I have also finished Save the date
I have started Courage to Change

I even won an e-book! YAY!!!! Since I won, Max also won. I pulled out a new book and gave it to him. The look on his face.........priceless!

We DID get to see the fireworks tonight! YAY!!! Max says he is staying up all night to read. We will see. LOL. We are currently eating mozzarella sticks, drinking soda and soon will have ice cream all while we read! I will let you all know how late he stays up...........He made it to midnight topping off at 17 books for the day!

Max's update:
"My mommy is going to give me a nickel for every book that I read today for the24 hour read-a-thon since I am too little to do the stuff on the computer. And then guess what? Grandma said she will match it and then Grandpa said it too so now I get THREE nickels for every book I read today! I am soooooo excited. The list of books that I read are going to be here and mommy will keep adding to the list after I read them. I REALLY want to read 20 today so mommy said that is my goal. Do you think I can do it? That is ALOT of nickels!!!!"

1.Hello,  Red Fox
3. Parts
4. Mister Seahorse
5. Finding Nemo, Can You Find Nemo?
6. A Cars Christmas
7.Fly High, Fly Guy!
8. Fly Guy Vs the Flyswatter!
9. Super Fly Guy
10. Loop, Swoop and Pull!
11. The ABCs of Cookies
12. Cool Time Song
13. Metro Cat
14. The Sky is Falling
15. Dream Snow
16. Biscuit's Picnic
17. Rain Dance
18. Busy Builder
19.Dinosaur Roar!
20. Bears on Wheels

He did it! He made his 24 hour goal!!!!!


  1. Max is so adorable. That's a lot of nickels! Haha

  2. Thanks! He is soooo exited. LOL. He is saving his money for a big trip next year so we are trying to help him! :)