Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Favorite Fictional Character

Who is your absolute favorite fictional female? What makes her so awesome?
You could introduce us through a character interview or give us a picture – whatever you want. Be creative!

I would LOVE to be Stephanie Plum. I LOVE her character which is why I love her books so much. If you do  not know Stephanie, let me tell you a bit about her.

She is a bounty hunter. Yes SHE is a BOUNTY HUNTER. I would LOVE to do that job! I know, I know, it is dangerous, blah blah blah. Here is a tidbit about my life. Years ago I worked for a private investigator for a year and fell in love with the job. While I just did desk work there, my boss and I were talking about me getting a PI license. Things got in the way and I never did it and since I am a single mom, I will not take a job that dangerous but ANYWAY, back to Stephanie.......

She is a regular person. Nothing special. No super human powers, no amazing talents or abilities. She is clumsy and makes stupid mistakes and just has some luck that helps her catch the bad guys. She is sarcastic and hilarious. Her family is a typical embarrassing family. She is surrounded by 2 GREAT guys who are complete opposites. She can not choose one (I could not choose either! Yum!). I would love to BE Stephanie or at least be friends with her!!!

Ok, now I am off and running to celebrate Max's 6th birthday! YAY!!!!!


  1. Not sure I would be brave enough to be Stephanie Plum, but I do love her!

  2. LOL. I am not brave at all but it does sound like fun! LOL. I bet you could! Plus you could have Ranger AND Morelli. Yum! I could be brave if I was with them! LOL