Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Must Have Summer Reads

Tell us which books are on the top of your must-have summer reads list. They can be books you’ve read and recommend others to read, or books you want to read.

Today I am having internet problems so I will keep this short before it goes out again! 

Personally I am falling in love with the Flower Shop Mystery Series by Kate Collins. They are fun, flirty and mysterious (in a NOT scary way!)

Sorry for the unclear picture. I am racing against time here! Lol

I also love Joanne Fluke. I have not read the last few but I am slowly adding all of these books to my bookshelf. They all  have recipes throughout! How fun is that!?

Max says that he thinks everyone should read the fly guy series by Tedd Arnold "because they are just sooooo funny!"


  1. I love that you love Joanne Fluke! I started reading her because she is a MN author; which is where I live! YAY MN!

  2. Oh for real!? That is cool! I LOVE her books. I am slowly adding them to my bookshelf. They are GREAT!