Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book that pulled on your hearstrings

Share a quote from your current read or
Share a book that really pulled on your heart strings

Where Yesterday Lives by Karen Kingsbury
Page 238

“Pulling a tissue from her purse, Ellen stood up. She moved across the front of the church, bent to pick up the letter and then stood at Jane's side. She handed her sister the tissue and took her hand, squeezing it tightly willing, Jane to continue.”

I put these together and chose a quote from a book that pulled my heart strings. I chose this particular piece because it was a really emotional turning point of this book. By the time I got to that part, I was crying so hard I almost could not see the words. It does not make much sense here in this context but I REALLY urge you all to read this book. It WILL make you cry as you go through the journey with this family.

Trust me on this Santa Baby, welcome to temptation, kiss me if you can, maybe this time though my heart is torn, I am the accidental virgin.

Trust Me on This-Jennifer Cruisie
Santa Baby-Jennifer Cruisie
Welcome to Temptation-Jennifer Cruisie
Kiss me if You Can-Carly Phillips
Maybe This Time-Jennifer Cruisie
Though My Heart is Torn-Joanne Bischof
The Accidental Virgin-Valerie Frankel


  1. Like your actually flows pretty well!

    1. Thank you! I had a hard time with it. LOL