Friday, July 5, 2013

Share your progress

Share your progress – How many books have you read so far? Have you gotten off track? What are your plans for the rest of the read-a-thon?

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This week so far I have read the following (reviews will be posted in the coming weeks) My goal is to finish 3  books.

Sole Witness by Jenn Black
After The Kiss By Lauren Layne
Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter (I am currently reading this one)

Max has read the following (he reviewed a few that will be posted in the coming weeks). His goal is to read 20 books.

1. Dirty Gert
2. Clifford Phonics Fun (books 1 & 2)
3. Clifford Phonics Fun (books 3,4 & 5)
4. Rain Dance
5. Puppies and Kittens
6. Parts
7. Dinosaur Pet
8. Wiggly Safari
9. Dear God, why are there so Many Stars?
10. The Eye Book
11. Go Dog Go!
12. Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
13. No More Water In the Tub!
14. Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Together we are reading:
Diary of A Real Payne

May Titles:

1) The 5th Wave
eht   scetrsahnen
3) ginwre
 Just One Kiss
Any Duchess Will Do
 It Had To Be You
Lost And Found
het   yelbon  gnki
Once Upon A Prince

June Titles:

1)  The Moon And More
2) ormts  dna  egies 
3) rtas    dsceur  
4) Sweet Last Air
5) het   crenwmeo 
6) Forever Too Far
7) het  miatng   fo  deyrr  uanacvhga 
8) Two Of A Kind
9)  One Sweet Ride
10) hwta  hte   kedu   sesdeir
11) Faking It

July Titles:

1)  If The Shoe Fits
2) The Edge of Never
3) rfits  gisht   a   veonl  
4)  True Love
5)  Three Little Words
6) The Night Is Alive
7) Perfect Fling
8) scoseh  hte   gronw   ugy   veag   imh  het  gwonr  gefrni       
9) meoh  ot   kewihsy   kecre

August Titles:

1) Fall Of Five
2) Crown Of Midnight
3) The Shades Of The Moon
4) Rose Harbor In Bloom
5) The Hero
Big Sky Wedding
7) yatacasw  veoc  a  ltehrse  yab   venlo 
8)  siht   rilg   a   veonl  Hits
9) mtetapinto


  1. Hi Libby,

    You did an even better job at meeting your targets. Congrats!

    Thoughts and Pens

  2. Thanks! I am excited to get this much done during such a busy week! LOL

  3. You did great at meeting your goals. Max really excelled. Good luck and happy reading for both of you!

    1. Thank you!

      Max said "thank you and I am going to read lots more!"

  4. Congrats on the new Facebook page! I am scared to start one myself, eep!
    I also love that you are doing this read-a-thon with your son. That is so awesome!
    Good luck meeting those goals!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I waited and waited but.....yeah. It was time. Now I worry that no one will like it. LOL. So thank you!

      Thanks. He is really loving it. He is having fun with HIS daily puzzles too! LOL

  5. I recently started a Facebook page too! :) (I liked yours!) We love SeaWorld too! We have season passes. It's a lot of fun! Hope you can make it down there soon! :)

    1. Thank you so much! If you post the link to yours I can like it. I tried to find it but couldn't.

      We are looking at getting season passes too. Max would LOVE it!

  6. Wow, you guys are doing great! I hope you manage to meet your goals :)

    1. Thank you! So close yet so far away! LOL

  7. You're doing great so far :) Happy reading!

  8. Whoa there!
    You guys are doing beyond AWESOME. :D

    Kelly @ Effortlessly Reading

    1. Thank you! Max has just met his 20 book goal!!! I am so proud of him!

  9. Wow! You two are doing so well! :D Rock on!

  10. Good job on your goals (and on the challenge!) I just liked your Facebook page. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  11. Y'all are doing awesome with y'alls goals! I need to check into some of Max's choices for my littles.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Max said to tell you that Tedd Arnold is the best Author ever and your kids will LOVE his books!

  12. Barefoot Summer sounds amazing. Hope yo enjoy it.
    Maybe I can check back for your review.

    Happy reading :)

    1. Please do. I wrote the review but have not decided when it will post. Sometime in the next 2 weeks. LOL

  13. Nice progress for both you and Max. (Yay! for young people who read!!!)

    Continued Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks! I know! I LOVE seeing kids get into reading!!!