Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gansevort, The King and His Court

Gansevort, The King and His Court by Jz Bingham, Illustrated by Curt Walstead

Description from the Publisher:
"Gansevort, The King and His Court is Book 3 in the debut Salty Splashes Collection™ of illustrated fiction for children. Gansevort, the cartoon cast learns, is the name of the island on which they are stranded. Having made a new friend, they enjoy a warm campfire and learn about the memorable King of Gansevort and his disdain for visitors. Their plan to sail home in the morning is thwarted by an unexpected meeting with the King's tribe. The cast rallies together to devise a clever and comical plan to escape King Gansevort's Court and its punishment for their crime of Trespassing. Will their plan work, and how will they get back home?"

The third book in this series is just as good as the first two. The story line is cute. The friends all work together to get away from the  king. The pictures are brilliant as usual and they really pop off the pages.

I would love to own a copy of all three of the books in this series so my son and I may be taking a trip to the store soon! Hats off to the author and illustrator of these books! You are amazing!!!

Review from my five year old son-" I liked this book alot! All three of these books were so awesome! I want to read them again!"

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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  1. Thank you for your kind review. All the Salty Splashes books will be in stores soon. As distribution takes time, I can't yet say exactly when, but they're available now at, from which you can receive signed copies. In appreciation of your son's collaboration on these reviews, I would love to personalize the books to him. -- Sincerely, JZ Bingham