Friday, May 17, 2013

Undercover Angel

Undercover Angel by Cynthia Rutledge

A drug problem in high school? Hard to believe, I know, but  in this school, this is not just an ordinary drug problem, this is a HUGE drug problem. Angel goes undercover posing as a student so she can earn the trust of the students and staff and get the insight. All signs point to teacher and coach Jake Weston but as Angel gets to know him she does not believe he is the one behind the drugs. Can Angel find out who is behind the meth ring or will her heart get in her way?

A RL friend recommended this book to me as one she used to love, so I was dying to read it and I am very happy I did!!!

I was intrigued from page one. The fact that a student was behaving that way.......  well, I had to find out why, so from the first page through the last, I did not want put this book down.  It was entertaining, fun and captivating! When I had to put this book down to go to work, I could not stop thinking about it, I wanted it to be lunch time so I could finish reading it!

Due to it being a Christian book, there was no sex or "real" romance scenes that you generally see in a romance book. God was talked about but not obsessively. It really focuses on forgiveness and how important that is. This book was a good reminder of how and WHY you should forgive others as well as yourself. I love how the characters in this book show ways to forgive and they go through real ups and downs with it and do not act like it is easy to do.

All in all, this was a great read! Thank you to Dana for recommending this book!

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