Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Isle Of Mystery, Eyes of The King

Isle Of Mystery, Eyes of The King by JZ Bingham. Illustrated by Curt  Walstead

Description from the publisher
"Isle of Mystery, Eyes of The King is Book 2 in the debut Salty Splashes Collection™ of illustrated fiction for children. Isle of Mystery finds the cartoon cast washed up on a seemingly deserted island, welcomed by an old and eerie No Trespassing sign. Excited by adventure, they bravely set out to explore the isle and try to find a place to camp before dark. On the way, they have comical encounters with a host of island denizens with spooky yellow eyes. Undaunted by these detours, they finally make a friend and discover the mystery of the Eyes of The King; but can they make camp before dark?"

This book was adorable. Not as good as the first on, but still cute. I liked that the animals showed teamwork as they tried to survive and came together as they were scared. The last few pages were the best because they were all together and laughing. I would read this to my class of young children.

The pictures were vibrant and seemed to pop right off the pages. Some of the animals were a little scary looking but all in all, it was a great book. 

Review from my five year old son-"The bats were scary but the rest was a very good book!"

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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