Monday, August 26, 2013

Prison by Toni V. Lee

Prison by Toni V. Lee

I have to say first that I LOVE this cover. It is simple but at the same time, it is eye catching. The colors stand out and it is nice to not see a couple in love on the cover for once! If I saw this in a book store, it would definitely catch my eye and I would pick it up.

The main characters, Sonja and Max, were well written. I understood where each of them were coming from and where they were heading. I thought their relationship was funny and realistic. I really liked both of them. The author wrote this book in such a way that at times I felt bad for Rock-The bad guy- I felt like he was lost and could be fixed, then he would do something to make me hate him again. Going back and forth like that made me really appreciate the Author's work more.

With this book, Rock was dealing drugs at a church so you read alot about the church and the congregation and some small talk of God but the God aspect was not  overdone or thrown in your face. I did not feel bad after reading this and for that I am thankful! I thought it was well rounded.

The one critique that I would give is that the ending was TOO long. It seemed to drag after the big event. There was alot of information that was not needed and I felt like the author was trying to make the book reach a certain number of pages. It kinda lost some of the greatness by dragging so long in my opinion. But up until after the big event (I am not saying what happened) it was great and captivating.

I recommend you read this book and let me know what you thought. Did you like it? Hate it? What did you think about Rock? Did you feel bad for him on minute and hate him the next? Let me know!

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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