Monday, August 5, 2013

Staying At Joe's Kathy Altman

Staying At Joe's Kathy Altman

Description from Goodreads:
"A deal she can't refuse! Allison Kincaid can make a great sales pitch. But showing up at Joe Gallahan's motel asking for a favor is her toughest challenge yet. A year ago they were more than just colleagues at a big PR firm. When work came between them, Joe put the blame on Allison...and his opinion hasn't changed. 

She's shocked, however, when Joe agrees to help. Even though she doesn't love his terms, she accepts them because she'll get what she needs. If striking a deal with him means donning a pair of coveralls and swinging a hammer, so be it. Working side by side with Joe again, they might be able to repair the past. They just might get a second chance, too!"

The story line here is different than any I have read, I really enjoyed that! This book was full of characters and they all  seemed to fit in with the Castle Creek area. I can imagine them all being there and fitting in perfectly. I loved all of the characters and thought Marcus was a good touch (read the book to find out who he is  and why). 

This book had excitement, romance, mystery, jokes, tears and love.  The cover is catchy the title is fun. 

Overall this was a great book. It got a tad bit boring in the middle but picked up nicely and ended with a bang! 

*** I won this book on Goodreads and wanted to do a review on it. The review is my own personal thoughts and opinions***

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