Monday, June 3, 2013

Clean Sweep Wrap Up

Sadly the Clean Sweep has come to an end, but I had a blast catching up on some ARCs! Here is my list....

Cropped to Death
Dreamy Drums, Trouble in Paradise
Isle of Mystery, Eyes of the King
The Sky Beneath my Feet
Gansevort, The King and the Court
Though My Heart is Torn
The Bramble
Burly & Grum, Beyond the Forest
Waiting For Dead Men's Shoes
Tib & TumTum, Welcome to the Tribe
We Love California
The Dogma of Cats for Kids
Channing O'Banning, the Rainforest Rescue
Wedding Cakes and Big Mistakes
Nothing But Trouble
Saving Armpit
It's A Mitzvah, Grover!
Bedding The Wrong Brother
A Kingsbury Collection (3 novels in 1)
Where yesterday Lives
 When Joy Came To Stay 
  On Every Side  

I am sad to be done with this challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it! I made my goal plus added a bunch more!  YAY!!!!!

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  1. Wow, you and Max did a great job reading so many. Mine was an epic fail. I already read one. I just can't read on my computer anymore and the ARCs I had were all e-galleys.