Saturday, June 8, 2013

Palace Puppies

Palace Puppies, Sunny and The Royal Party by Laura Dower

Description from the publisher:
"Sunny and Rex are royal puppies! Sunny is a lady-like goldendoodle, and Rex is a mischievous beagle. Together, they love living in the palace with their owners and best friends, Princess Annie and Prince James. But when Jackson, a royal pain, who just happens to be the guest of honor, shows up and threatens to ruin the birthday party that Annie and James have been planning for him, Sunny and Rex embark on an adventure to save the day. Can they help their best friends, cheer up the grouchy guest, and rescue the party before everything comes crumbling down? Join the palace puppies in their first fun-filled adventure!"

This book was really adorable. The chapters were a good length, the story line was great and there was humor throughout! The lesson to be learned in this story is a GREAT one that all children (and alot of adults) need to learn.

 I think this would be great for a first or second grade teacher to read to the class. It would be a great lesson for the class as a whole and I recommend it for that reason.

Review from my five year old  son- "This was a very very good book! I LOVE puppies!"

***This book was given to me in exchange for an open and honest review.***

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