Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Secret Bond by Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Fischetto

Secret Bond by Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Fischetto

A woman private investigator catching cheating spouses in precarious positions...... sounds like a great book to me!!!

Jamie Bond is a private investigator. She is not only working cases of cheating spouses but she is also privately working on a personal mystery....finding out who shot her dad years ago. Her dad wants her to leave it alone so she is off on her own. Finally, after she breaks into his house for information, her dad fills in the holes and James is off and running to see "who did it." Will she find out? I am not going to tell you, you will have to read this book and find out for yourself!

Personally, I loved this book. The cover is fun and catchy, the plot is good, the writing is good, I was very happy with it from start to finish! There was some humor, nothing was scary (I can not handle scary), there was some romance, but not too much, I found it to be well rounded and fun! I enjoyed this read.

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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