Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crissy, The Cross-Eyed Cat by Judy Conlin

Crissy, The Cross-Eyed Cat by Judy Conlin

Today was Max's very first Author event! We went to a local bookstore, My Favorite Books where Judy Conlin was set to read her book Crissy, The Cross Eyed Cat. To say that Max was excited would be an understatement! He was ecstatic to see his first "real live author!" LOL.

Judy was amazing and gave him lots of attention. She and Max flipped through the book together and looked at all the pictures.

Then she signed a copy for him.

Then Max and his new stuffed cat that Judy Conlin gave him, read HER a book!

All in all Max was very happy and had a great time! A special thank you to Ms. Judy Conlin for giving him such great attention and making him love books even more!!

Now onto the book.....

Here is the description from Goodreads:
"Crissy is a Siamese cat, who faces difficulties, including being teased and bullied, just because she is different from the other cats in town. Her pathway to acceptance leads her to a unique solution to her problem, which will make young readers giggle. All children who face similar problems will be inspired by Crissy's story."

I personally think this is a great story! It shows kids that being different is ok and is really encouraging for children. The fact that this story is about cats makes it even better! There is some humor and the pictures are adorable and really stand out!

From start to finish this book is awesome! I would read it to my young students probably up to 3rd grade. It is great for many of the weekly themes/units at the school!! My son has already read it 5 times and we JUST got it today!

Review from my five (almost six) year old son-"This book is awesome! It is about  cats and I love cats. All of the book was funny. The best part was when Crissy the Cat could finally see!"

Thanks again for a great event Judy Conlin!

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