Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Max's Summer Break

So for summer break I have decided to let Max go the library every week and pick out some books. I want him to write 2 reviews a week. One for this blog and a handwritten one for school. This way I can prompt  him to think of more to say and to expand his thinking some more.

So this week, we went to the library and he found a row of books by Tedd Arnold, he laughed and laughed and pulled a bunch down to check them out. He has fallen in LOVE with Tedd Arnold and all of his books. This is the first Author that Max has really liked and I am thrilled that he is that excited! Yay for reading! LOL.

Max has now informed me that he wants to buy ALL of Ted  Arnold's books so he can keep them on his own bookshelf and not have to take them back to the library! How cute is that! So thank you so much to Tedd Arnold for writing such great and funny books, you have made my son want to read more! Score!

For those of you who may not know who Tedd Arnold is, here are a few of his books, there are multiple books in each series, so check them out! He wrote over 50 books and here is the website I found about them all, Tedd Arnold's Books

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