Friday, March 15, 2013

Eternally 21

Eternally 21, a Mrs. Frugalicious Shopping Mystery by Linda Joffe Hull

"When Maddie Michael’s husband, Mr. Frank Finance, loses all their money in a Ponzi scheme, Maddie must do her best to prevent Frank’s TV show from going belly up. To maintain the appearance that everything is financially fine, Maddie secretly sets up a bargain hunter’s website that goes viral — making Mrs. Frugalicious a huge hit and bringing in muchneeded cash.
While researching “frugasm”-worthy deals at the local mall, Maddie is mistakenly accused of shoplifting by Eternally 21 manager Laila DeSimone. Her bad day gets worse when Laila drops dead. Universally disliked Laila has a murder suspect list longer than Maddie’s bargain spreadsheets, but when evidence points to Maddie as the prime suspect, she must find the real killer before the police throw away her “get out of jail free” coupon."

I have been excited to read this book. I could not wait to get to it and it was well worth the wait. This book had my attention and kept it all the way through. The killer.....well, I certainly never saw it coming. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised.The last 2 pages were EXCELLENT. I will not give anything away but I laughed alot and would love to know if you all felt the same way. I will read this book again and I recommend it to you all!

This book has a publish date of June 8, 2013.

***This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an open and honest review***

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