Monday, March 18, 2013

Single Parenting That Works

Single Parenting That Works, Six keys to raising happy, healthy children in a single parent home by Kevin Leman.

The title tells you what this book is about so I will not go into details, I will just give my personal opinion.

I bought this book because I am a single mom and I am always looking for ways to make my life flow easier for myself and for my son. I have been looking for a good single parenting book and this one caught my attention.

I really did enjoy this book. There were some great tips and ideas. The author did a great job of talking about all the different ways/reasons you can be a single parent and he also spends time talking to single moms as well as single dads. At the end of the book there are chapters that help you with questions that are specific to your situation. There is a chapter for divorced parents widows and widowers and never married parents, that way you can get help with the hard questions that pertain to you!

I found this book to be interesting & helpful & recommend it to every single parent.

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