Monday, March 11, 2013

Wicked Appetite

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

A monkey named Carl that flips people off, sprays easy cheese all over everyone and is like that quirky little brother we all have. A cat named Cat #7143 who has ninja skills and is protective. Glo who is trying out magic spells and can not seem to get them right. A man named Diesel who has special skills, is HOT, strong, funny and did I mention HOT???? And of course we have Lizzy, a baker who has special powers that she did not know about.  How could you go wrong with this book?

Lizzi and Diesel work together to find some enlightened stones to keep them out of the evil Wulf's hands. The problem is, these stones affect Lizzi and cause her some problems. One minute she is trying to eat everything she can get her hands on, the next minute she wants lots of babies! Watch out Diesel!!!!

Overall, I thought this was a great book. I am adding it to my list of books to buy for my collection! This book caught my attention on the first page and I was disappointed that it ended! I wish it had been longer!

Carl the monkey was my favorite character as he made me laugh every time he was mentioned.


  1. I know some people didn't like these side stories with the paranormal elements but I loved that they were goofy and fun. Carl the monkey, FTW!

  2. I agree. I do not like scary stuff but this book was funny! Carl...... there are just no words.... LOL.