Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sesame Street: I Is For Imagination

Sesame Street: I Is For Imagination by Amy Mebberson

This is a comic book style book with three short stories:

Super Elmo- Elmo and Grover are dressed like super heroes and ready to save the day.
Written by: Jason M. Burns
Art: Amy Mebberson
Colors: Dustin Evans

A Dip In The Galaxy - Follow Cookie Monster as he takes a trip to space to eat the moon!
Written by: Patrick Storck
Art: Jams Silvani
Colors: Dustin Evans

Smog Day Afternoon- There is something Stinky on Sesame Street. Oscar the Grouch loves it but everyone else can not stand it. You will laugh when you find out what the smell is!!!
Written by: Paul Morrissey
Art by: Scott Underwood
Colors: Dustin Evans

My son and I loved these stories. They were all short so it did not take long to read them all. We were able to use funny voices as we read this and we worked together (I was Elmo, he was Grover, and so on). This made us both laugh the whole time we were reading it.

The story lines were great and funny. We laughed on every page and were eager to see what was coming up next. We did not want to put this book down. We will be reading it again tomorrow! Maybe this time I can be Grover! LOL.

Review from my five year old son- "This book was the greatest book! I liked Elmo and Grover! They made me laugh. Grover was really funny!"

***This book was given to me by the publisher for an open and honest review.***

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